Just Suppose ...

Why do children thrive in one classroom and struggle in another?    

How do some schools partner with families for student success, while others treat parents like unwelcome distractions as their children fail? 

Countless researchers have sought answers to the challenges facing struggling students  in public schools.  All of their findings boil down to a few powerful strategies that consistently improve student outcomes, regardless of family income, race, ethnicity, or immigration status. 

Just suppose that a veteran educator faithfully applied the most powerful, proven strategies in a well-run school dedicated to student success. That’s what Dr. Wanda Billingsly plans to do at New Horizons Academy, a public charter school designed to serve diverse students in the Tukwila and Auburn areas of Western Washington.

She plans to implement proven “best practices” in every aspect of instruction, family engagement, and school governance.  Personalized learning, the arts, enrichment, blended learning, culturally responsive teaching, and effective family/community engagement are key features of the New Horizons design.   

See Just Suppose summary in PDF format

Dr. Billingsly is superbly well equipped to refine and implement this design:

• Seasoned classroom teacher with a track record of successfully delivering rigorous instruction to diverse/struggling students;

• Recognized “turnaround” principal in a high-needs school;

• Experienced educational leader and policy advocate who collaborates effectively with families, diverse communities, and policy makers;

• University lecturer and administrator; and

• Executive-level school district administrator.

Dr. Billingsly intends to equip her students to grow socially/emotionally, thrive academically, and become lifelong learners who can compete globally. She knows what works and how to deliver it. Her plan is described (with some academic jargon) in a summary of her charter school application, “Developing Future Leaders by Closing the Opportunity Gap.” Please read it.

Just suppose you could help launch New Horizons Academy to serve children who desperately need new options. Well, you can. 


To learn how you can help, contact Dr. Wanda Billingsly at  at 206-941-0569 or by email at wbillingsly@newhorizonsk5. org.